"Creative Dream Wheel - Star Galaxy" Workshop
Create your own “Inner Dream Mandala”
with International, best selling
Author/Painter - Award Winning
Della Burford
This will start with a storytelling of "Star Galaxy for the World". After you will align yourself with the art and story you are meant to tell. Tune into your intuitive self, and find symbols connected to your Dream Self. You will create an "Inner Life" Mandala which is a map of your creative expression of your unique self. You will explore transformation, compassion, wonder, expansion, peace, gratitude and creativity.Go into the inner sanctuary of yourself and you will find your own personal myth. Find out how by knowing your inner world you can enhance and make a difference in the world!

"Fabulous creative work" David Walsh

"Della incorporates mythology, poetry,art and real life events into finding ones own myth!" Jane Howard Baker