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"Magical Earth Secrets" the Dream is alive

I am so honored to have the book of "Magical Earth Secrets" performed in Japan. It all started with a dream in 1977 in which I woke up and had a ring of light
on my finger. I wrote the essence of "Magical Earth Secrets" and then was told
to write the first draft in a teepee. Synchronicity made this happen and so the
story was written in a teepee and painted nearby. It was performed for all the
children in Harlem N.Y.C. in the 1980's and at the Third Street Music School
before becoming a book in 1990. At this time Kazuko Asaba entered, loved the
theme of protecting the earth, and has since been sharing the story at the
Asaba Art Square. Now was a play at Kanzabunko Art Festival and just recently
a play in Tokyo. All of this because of a dream.

Produced in Japan by 100%@ PARADE.
Thanks to Kazuko Asaba who
embraced my story.
of Majical Rainbow Ruu*Ruu
Director Atsuko Takayama
All Rainbow people & Helpers
Musicians & Singers & Storyteller
Photographers -
Masanao Showjit Sugyama
and Teran Nakayama

Della will be doing the Inner Dream (Life) Mandala workshop at Spirt of Writing and Art in Bali in February 2016 Contact for more information  

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Photo is 100% PARADE group in Japan who perform "Magical Rainbow" Production Ruu*Ruu