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"Magical Earth Secrets" the Dream is alive

I am so honored to have the book of "Magical Earth Secrets" performed in Japan. It all started with a dream in 1977 in which I woke up and had a ring of light
on my finger. I wrote the essence of "Magical Earth Secrets" and then was told
to write the first draft in a teepee. Synchronicity made this happen and so the
story was written in a teepee and painted nearby in a studio. It was performed for all the
children in Harlem N.Y.C. in the 1980's and at the Third Street Music School
before becoming a book in 1990. At this time Kazuko Asaba entered, loved the
theme of protecting the earth, and has since been sharing the story/paintings at the
Asaba Art Square. Now it is a play at Kanzabunko Art Festival and just recently
a play in Tokyo. In 2019 we went to Japan to attend the show.
All of this because of a dream.

Produced in Japan by 100%@ PARADE.
Thanks to Kazuko Asaba & Ruu Ruu who
embraced my story with paintings.
of Majical Rainbow
Director Atsuko Takayama
All Rainbow people & Helpers
Musicians & Singers & Storyteller
Photographers in web page -
Masanao Showjit Sugyama
and Teran Nakayama


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Photo is 100% PARADE group in Japan who perform "Magical Rainbow" Production Ruu*Ruu