"Illuminated Books" Reading Dale Bertrand" Illuminations by Leo Del Pasqua in books and will show Dale's latest book he produced - "Stone Book of Knowledge"


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"Illuminated Books"
Reading Dale Bertrand"
Illumination by Leo Del Pasqua in book

"Stone Book of Knowledge"
and "Illuminated Stories"
— '"Be part of the launch to the world"

After 34 years of research into the "Druid Manuscripts" of John Hugh Roberts Dale has produced "The Stone Book of Knowledge" and Four "Illuminated Druidical" Books with the story of "The Three Mermaids", "Chief Festival of the Druids", "Galcerth of Halloween" and "Nennius" and the "Stone Book of Knowledge".

When: - Bali 2019
with Producer Dale Bertrand

br> Come and hear the fascinating story of the discovery, research, and be part of the launch of these to the world.
Video of Power Spots visited by Dale for research.  

(The Illuminated Books will be part of the Spirit of Writing and Art Retreat Spirit of Writing and Art in Bali Contact for more info.)  

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write dellaburford@hotmail.com