"Spirit of Writing and Art" Bali February 10 to the 22nd (Final Date to be determined)
Our theme is "Inner Art & Masks "

Turn up Creativity & Vision!

Video Spirit of Writing and Painting Video

Video "Bali feeds the Soul"
Come to the fabulous art/writing studio in the rice fields near Ubud in an artistic community.

Join International authors/artists Della Burford , and author Dale Bertrand

Use an intuitive, imaginative approach with higher vision.
Classes offered: In the morning Acu- yoga and an 6 Inspiration class
Build your Inner Dream Mandala & Explore Masks
(using either art or words or both) & Pochinko inspired Mask in the six Inspiration classes.
Align yourself with the story/art you are meant to tell .
Creating Build vision for yourself and the planet. This year we will include making a mask.
Medicine Wheels will be part of the Inspiration class.
In the afternoon: we are offering 2 field trips to Sacred Places,
A day trips to Paripurna Dance School. We will have lots of free time ,
to enjoy the Spas and people and island of Bali in the free afternoons or evenings.

Meet fellow writers/ artists in a creative environment
and feasting on meals and ideas together.

Cultural Program - Take in a two- one day Cultural Programs to the Bresakih Temple
and Lake Batur with a volcano and another day trip to the Sacred Holy Spring.

A Cultural evening and with the famous puppeteer I Made Sidia.
We will compare the masks of Bali and the Pochinko masks.
Enjoy the local spas and and their packages. One of the best is a 5 minute walk away.
Exploring Bali and being with the people is inspiring!
For participation no experience is necessary.
Spirit of Writing and Art